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ICOs & Token Sales - Join the revolution!

Our digital world is on the verge of the next stage in its evolution; the blockchain revolution is coming, bringing with it entirely new concepts in how businesses will innovate, monetize and grow. The blockchain has the potential to revolutionise how business is done, but also how start-ups raise the capital needed to begin their journeys.

One of the early disruptions has been the dramatic increase in the use of the initial coin offering (ICO) or token sale as a means of getting a venture off the ground. At the heart of a successful ICO is the White Paper; a detailed and often highly-technical description of the business model, its underlying technology and its routemap to market.

As experienced technology writers, we are extremely well placed to be able to articulate your concepts into language that can be understood by potential investors, users and strategic partners. But our services go much further than this: As PR specialists, we are also able to help broadcast news of your ICO to a much wider audience than just your Reddit thread or Telegram followers. In an increasingly noisy marketplace, this message amplification can bring you a massive advantage as you compete for the attention of investors or customers.

A hotline to the Japanese market

Furthermore, our presence in Japan delivers a unique route into the market that is fast-becoming the epicentre of the global cryptocurrency revolution. Our technically-oriented Japanese localisation and PR distribution service means that your White Paper can reach directly into the heart of Japan’s rapidly expanding blockchain community, giving you first-mover advantage over competitors unable to clear the language/culture barrier.

A stakeholder in your success

We are also changing the way we do business to make our services more accessible to the new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Alongside traditional fiat currencies, we are also able to accept payment in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Stepping beyond that, for ICOs and token sales, we will also consider taking part of our fee in tokens – thereby making us a stakeholder in your success, not merely a passive service-provider.

If you are considering a token sale or ICO, contact us: Let us join you on your journey to the future.

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