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Technical expertise - Professionalism - Creativity - Dependability

We believe that a strong technical and business background is essential in producing effective PR and marketing strategies that connect you with your customers. All of our senior people and associates have spent significant time in business and industry, in technical as well as managerial roles.

As a small agency, we work extremely closely with our clients, often deeply embedded within their own in-house marketing departments. We understand how to work in harmony with, and add value to your organisation

Creativity and imagination are perhaps our strongest qualities, and combined with our practical skills, serve to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Our first-hand knowledge of business means that the briefing process is quick and efficient; Less time spent briefing us means more time spent on your business. Every business has stories to tell, and we are very skilled at finding them. We understand what editors are looking for, and what they are not.

Use our connections help you expand internationally

Our wealth of international business experience and extensive local knowledge also means we are well-placed to help you make the connections you need to expand into new territories. As well as promoting your products directly through b2b PR and marketing campaigns, we can also help put you in touch with potential partners and distributors in Europe, Japan and the USA.

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Chiyoda ku
Tokyo 102-0085

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