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Social media and corporate online presences create an insatiable need for rich media content. That's why video and imagery are an essential part of today's marketing mix. Eido PR works with a number of award-winning photographers and video producers to create compelling content to help tell the story of your brand.

Every press release needs to be accompanied by high-quality images. Eido PR works with specialist, highly-skilled and experienced photographers to ensure top quality images every time. Our team includes award-winning commercial photographers as well as photo journalists. We can arrange studio product photography as well as on-site assignments and coverage of events such as product launches or trade shows.

Video is among the most powerful and versatile communication tools available. As well as creating compelling content for your website, video links in social media posts have been shown to be the most effective way of encouraging your brand message to go viral. Our team includes experienced and exceptionally talented video producers, able to translate your corporate message effectively into the video medium. As well as promotional videos, we can produce instructional and documentary style content as well. Our video teams are fully equipped and operate across Europe and in Japan, enabling very cost-effective coverage of corporate events as well as product/brand-based content.

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