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Helping to create understanding across the organisation

Every country's business culture has its own idiosyncrasies. Business rules operate differently and a different set of values apply to products, company ethics and business relationships. For companies wishing to enter or expand their presence outside of their home territory, a local presence is essential. And yet even this is often not enough to create a completely unified operation as local subsidiaries often find it difficult to relate to the management values and methods of a foreign holding company.

Part of the service we offer is to help smooth-out any cultural-based procedural or managerial issues that may arise in a marketing context. An example might be to help devise a case study sign-off procedure that satisfies US legal requirements without becoming embroiled in Japanese management bureaucracy. As a truly international company we are accutely aware of the needs and sensitivities of Japanese and Western business cultures, offering an effective and non-intrusive interface between the two.

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