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Japanese - English localisation

One of the most common errors when approaching a new international market is to pay insufficient attention to how your brand values will be interpreted in your target territory. Frequently, just relying on translation alone is not enough. What is required is a far more thorough process termed localisation.

The localisation process takes your existing brand ethos and re-interprets it for your target market. The objective is to emphasise the aspects of the original that align most closely with the values of the target market. Typically this may involve a different choice of language and narrative treatment from the original material, but without affecting the basic meaning.

Eido PR is extremely skilled in the localisation of material, particularly that involving business or technical subject matter. We work with press releases, case studies, bylined articles and all kinds of marketing communications. Unlike most other translation services, we include an additional pre-editing stage designed to ensure that your true intended meaning comes through the translation process with total clarity. We’ll also shape your material so that it appeals to the cultural preferences of your target audience. We use both translators and professional copywriters to ensure that the final document is completely undetectable as a translation to a native speaker, in either language or tone.

As well as British English, Eido PR also has expertise in US English and can work in many other major European languages such as French, German, Dutch and Russian.

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