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Firm foundations through solid research

Planning is the basis for every successful strategy, and so accurate market intelligence is crucial to success. The internet is a useful research tool but it can only take you so far. To get a real sense of the market you need to actually go there. But when your target market is half a world away, that is sometimes not so easy. This is where Eido can help.

With our physical presence in Europe, Japan and the USA we are able to act as your eyes and ears on the ground; evaluating the market, researching competitors or possible local partners, finding out about the legislative environment and much more. We can act as your liason with organisations such as UKTI and JETRO to help you get the best from their services.

Eido has access to the JETRO library facility in Tokyo, probably the most comprehensive source of business data in Japan, where we are able to conduct research on your behalf. We are also members of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which gives us access to a range of other services and sources of information.

Eido is also able to conduct pre-entry marketing on your behalf. We operate our own bulk email server which allows us to conduct email marketing or market research; we can run promotional campaigns to gauge market interest; if you are looking for distributors, our connections with the TCCI put us in touch with 73,000 businesses in the Tokyo area. We are also able to represent you at exhibitions or other trade events for a fraction of the cost of being here yourself.

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