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Protecting your brand online

Social media and the relative ease by which content can be disseminated online poses a risk to your brand reputation. From a Twitter post from a dissatisfied customer to fake product sites or even libel, material harmful to your brand's reputation can circulate on the internet with frightening speed. Monitoring what people are saying about your brand and having a plan in place in case something goes wrong is essential. But in situations where your brand is actively being targetted, sometimes a more robust response is required.

Eido PR works with ONLINEIntell, a US-based company specialising in online brand protection, domain monitoring and cyber security. With the many tools at its disposal ONLINEIntell can act quickly to take down illegal content and help prevent fraudsters harming your brand with false websites, fake product reviews or other malicious content. With ONLINEIntell, we can help negate the after-effects of undeserved negative publicity by using SEO optimised PR to gradually move damaging material down the search engine rankings and out of the public eye.

In addition to reputation management services, ONLINEIntell also provides risk management and cyber security support. Assessing the risk to your organisation of a data breach, recommending and developing the necessary policies, training your workforce on how to be more cyber security aware and working with you to assess and mitigate vulnerabilities to your network and information. If you have suffered a breach, ONLINEIntell can help with incident response and digital forensics, and if the attacks are ongoing, initiate an active defence program designed to disrupt the hackers attempts to damage your business.

The team behind ONLINEIntell are professionally regulated and fully qualified in International Law and International Intellectual Property Law.

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