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Learning about PR & marketing communications

Marketing Communications is a vast subject, made even more complicated where there is a different cultural aspect to consider. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of marketing experience, the benefit of some of which we share with you here in our free downloads section.

On this page you will find access to tips and ideas for beginning international business, preparing for an exhibition and general guidelines for generating marcomms material. We've also included some more in-depth essays looking at the interaction of PR & Advertising, the subject of media spamming and some specific discussions of Japanese business culture. We will be adding more over time, so please follow us on Twitter to find out when new publications are released.

First steps in international marketing
Taking the first tentative steps towards building an overseas customer base can seem daunting. But with a few simple ideas, it needn't be. Download our free guide to international marketing here >>
Preparing for an exhibition
Exhibitions are a great way to discover new business. But so many companies do not extract the full benefit from their participation. Download our free guide to exhibition preparation here >>
Working positively with journalists
The relationship between PR people and journalists is a delicate and easily damaged one. Avoid the most common mistakes by downloading our free guide to media relations >>
Don't make the Greenwash mistake
Exaggerating your environmental credentials can prove a costly marketing mistake. Download our free guide to environmental marketing here >>
First ideas in social media marketing
Social media can be an enormously powerful communication medium, but also a dangerous one. Download our free guide to social media marketing here >>
The hidden depths of communication
Doing business in different cultures can be a bewildering experience. This essay explores some of the reasons why things go wrong. Our guide to successful international business negotiations is here >>
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